" It's Christmas ! "

” It’s Christmas ! “

Hello everyone.

Well, it’s nearly Christmas and there’s been loads going on !

To start with, Jam Night is on the move again. After a short stay at Harrow Borough Football Club, it will be moving on again very soon … The last day at Harrow Borough FC will be Wednesday 30th December.  Jam Night will start again at the Three Wishes, North Harrow in January, and it will be back on Thursdays!

I recently ‘depped’ for Ashwood, gigging at the Three Wishes in Edgware. Apart from having to sit about for forty minutes, when the boxing came on the TV at 11pm, it was great fun. Thanks to Rod and the boys for asking me to play with them.

Meanwhile, the Riff Raff boys are looking forward to the New Year with the release of the new studio album, ‘Stranger Here, Than Over There’.  After three years of writing and recording, it’s nearly done and dusted and should be ready for release very soon.  More about that in the coming weeks !

Also, sometime in the New Year, I hope to start playing a bit of 5-a-side footie again, with a view to playing cricket this season, having missed the whole of last season after my latest knee operation. All seems to be healing and strengthening well, so I hope to be back in action soon.

Well, it’s just about time to start the Christmas celebrations, so what better place to start, than with my annual musical Christmas offering … Click here to see the Christmas video clip.

Have a great Christmas !  BFN,  Rob.

New Jam Night, new guitar ! Lenny gets in tune !

New Jam Night, new guitar ! Lenny gets in tune !

The new Jam Night at Harrow Borough Football Club kicked off ( see what I did there ?! ) last night. It was a fairly successful start especially when you consider the haste with which it was organised ( thanks to Gavin for that ), the fact that it was Guy Fawkes night and the weather was pretty yuk !  Nevertheless, it all went off spiffingly and the small crowd that gathered seemed to enjoy the new venue.

But … Jam night needs support … Your support !   So, please don’t be put off just because we’re not in a pub any more. Harrow Borough is a very accommodating venue so grab your guitar, bass, keyboards, brass or whatever and come and join in.  It’s the usual house band, and the same start time of 9.15 on a good day or 9.30 when I’ve plugged in a dodgy lead.


Important note … From now on Wednesday night is Jam Night !   Yes friends, it’s being moved from Thursdays to Wednesdays !!

So come and join in and play on a proper stage !   We look forward to seeing you very soon !

BFN,  Cheers,  Rob.

Hi everyone.

Jam Night at The Middlesex Arms has been ‘pulled’ !  The pub management have decided not to continue with the Thursday Night sessions with immediate effect.

However, Gavin has been quick to secure an alternative venue.  So, starting on Thursday 5th November, Jam Night will be held at Harrow Borough FC.

Please come down and have a blast !

BFN,  Cheers,  Rob.

Fans check their phones for all the latest Robfest news

Fans check their phones for all the latest Robfest news

Hello Robfest fans !

As promised, Robfest 2015 photos and video footage are now available to be viewed on this very website !     I hope you enjoy them and thanks to all footage contributors !

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along to Robfest this year. Hope you had a good time.  And for all those who weren’t there, well, there’s always next year !

BFN,  Rob.

Hello everyone.

Live music at Robfest 2015

Live music at Robfest 2015

Last Sunday, 2nd August, saw ‘Robfest’ 2015 take place. This was the 10th ‘Robfest’,  and the specially invited audience seemed to enjoy the occasion. There were various live musical acts to entertain the crowds as well as the specially ordered weather.  With a few drinkie-poohs and nibbles thrown in, it all went off smoothly.

Thanks to everyone who attended, hope you enjoyed it and the photos and videos will be up shortly.

BFN,  Jools Robfest

Hello everyone.

Stan Bowles

Stan Bowles

Firstly, some sad news concerning one of my all-time favourite players, Stan Bowles. I was sorry to hear last week, of Stan’s illness.  Stan entertained and gave so much excitement and pleasure to the fans at QPR in the 70s, in our best ever team.  I was lucky enough to have a Season Ticket throughout the whole of the 70s and so witnessed most of the home matches that Stan played in.  One of the most skilful talents this country has ever produced, he was a joy to watch.  Best wishes to Stan and his family.

Talking of QPR, the recent new signings would appear encouraging for the coming season. I do hope they don’t end up sitting on the bench for the next couple of years while some of the players out on the pitch also do nothing.

Musically, I dropped in at Jam Night a couple of Thursdays ago and played a couple of numbers with the house band. It was good to get back to playing again, but my return to regular house band duties are still some weeks away, following my recent knee surgery.  The second Riff Raff album is progressing, but we still don’t have a name for it, as yet.  ‘El Ton’ and ‘Johnny UnKempt’ have both been over to ‘Shabby’ to record recently, but there’s more still to do.

I’ve recently visited The Beck Theatre, on two consecutive Fridays. Last week (19th), me and Rosie went to see “That’ll Be The Day”, a show which features great music from the 50s, 60s and 70s plus comedy sketches. We’ve seen them many times in the past and the current show was up to the usual high standard. Great stuff !  We returned to the Beck last night (Friday 26th), to see the Illegal Eagles for the first time. I went with Rosie, Stuart and Elaine and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say it was a very enjoyable evening with the band playing classic Eagles music.

Oh well, that’s it for now.    BFN,   Rob.

Mac Poole

Mac Poole

Hello everyone !

Well, I’m afraid there’s sad news this week.  Mac Poole, who I’ve had the privilege of playing with at Jam Night over the past ten years, has died.  I have recorded a few of my own thoughts on the Jam Nights page.


Hello everyone.

Rob's Knee - soon to be a matching pair

Rob’s Knee – soon to be a matching pair

The title of this, my latest post, is ‘Here we go again !’  This is because I’m off to hospital for another knee operation.  I’m in on Monday 20th April for a total replacement of my right knee.  So, I’ll have a matching pair and will hopefully be trouble-free for the next few years at least.

In the meantime, Jam Night will continue without me, until I’m fit enough to start lugging my gear about !  The recent Jam Nights have been pretty well attended on the whole, so if you haven’t been lately, or you’ve never been before, get down there on Thursdays and join in the fun.

Right, time to go !   BFN,   Rob.

Hello everyone. Well, Christmas and New Year are now well behind us. I hope you all had a great time over the festive period. So, here’s a quick up-date.

Jam Night has resumed at the Middlesex Arms on Thursdays, but we still need more to come down and enjoy this ‘Marvellous’ evening !  If you haven’t been for a while or if you’ve never been before, come down … You’ll be pleased you did !

On other stuff, I’m just recovering from a heavy cold, which is just as well, as I have an appointment at the hospital this week to see my consultant. Yes, time to review my knees again !  Preparations for the cricket season are upon us – Committee meetings, nets, work on the ground etc.  … all in the pipeline.  In the meantime, I’m back to playing a bit of 5-a-side footie, once or twice a week, chucking myself around between the posts.

Oh well, that’s all for now.  Cheers, Rob.