Back with the 'Riff Raff' boys

Wednesday night saw the first ‘Riff Raff’ rehearsal of 2008, round at John’s.  – Yes, Riff Raff comes to West Drayton or Yiewsley or Cowley or whatever the place is called where you live, John !!

As is usual for a get together with the ‘Riff Raff’ chaps, it was an evening full of fun, merriment, and of course the musical collage that makes ‘Riff Raff’ the force that it is in the music world. Well, maybe that’s a touch exaggerated, but we played some good stuff amongst the mis-fingered chords, duff notes in the soloing, and the odd bit of croaking in the vocals.

Still, more importantly, John‘s tea was up to it’s usual high standard. Tea wot you can really taste. That chimpanzee on the ad was right : “It’s the taste !”      Talking of chimpanzees, Derek came round, banging on his bongos like a chimpanzee ! Where have I heard that line before ?  – e-mail me the answer for no prize whatsoever !    OK Derek, I know it’s an African drum and OK you don’t play it like a chimp – These drummers can be so picky !

Ian continues to embelish and vary the band’s sound with his keyboards but where was the tambourine ?  The same place he usually leaves his keyboard stand – at home !   With Pete‘s basslines, me head scratching ( can’t remember all these blasted chords and scales) and John on guitar ( when we’re not making demands on his tea caddy) it’s clear for all to see – ‘Riff Raff’ are still the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world … or is that someone else ???


  1. And there’s me thinking the first rehearsal of 2008 was at The George on January 1st (it was for me, anyway!).

  2. I shall be there on March 8th with loads of soggy wet pg tips tea bags, to throw at you in typical chimp fashion.
    ha ha

  3. Now, let’s see…keyboard, stand, power supply, crib sheets, music stand, monkey, kazoo….yep, that’s about it and away we go.

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