'Oh No !' I'm Back !

Welcome back ! Yes- the website’s back up and running again – Well, sort of ! Let me explain what’s been happening !

If you have been trying to access the website recently you will have encountered the ‘Oh No !’ caption and may therefore have realised that it’s been down for longer than originally intended. This is due to unforseen and ill-timed technical problems. Joel, whilst encountering much frustration and teeth gnashing as a result, is in the process of sorting out these technical blips. So in the meantime, we’ve currently got a semi upgraded site.

Those of you who visited the site before the changes will note a few alterations :

The ‘click on’ buttons ( except the ‘Home’ button ), have been moved from the top header into the grey column on the right. Note that ‘Photos’ has now been given 4 sub-divisions – just click on the one you want to look at ! – Easy, innit ? !

Videos are still accessible through ‘YouTube’ for the time being but this will change with the next part of the up-grade, which should be for the better ! Click on ‘Videos’ to see the current selection, which includes clips of ‘Rob Live’, ‘Riff-Raff’ and Jam Nights.

You will also see brand new features –‘Random Photos’ and ‘Recently Added Photos’. Pretty damn good -eh ! ? ! ?

So thanks to Joel for his on-going efforts on the site. He will be completing the up-grade over the coming few weeks as the technical hitches are resolved, so there should be some new stuff coming soon.

Well, I hope you enjoy the new changes and features, and don’t forget there’s more on the way soon.

I’m rehearsing with the ‘Riff-Raff’ chaps tomorrow (Wednesday) night and of course Jam Night is still on – every Thursday at The Middlesex Arms – so see you there ! Don’t be shy about telling me what you think about the website. Hopefully, you think it’s ‘Marvellous !’

BFN, Rob.

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