Website Upgrade : Stage 4

Today is Day 1 of switch on of my new computer, representing another stage in the upgrade of my website !  As you might imagine I’m at the head-scratching stage at the moment as I try to find my way round some new features.

The website is about to undergo the new changes as threatened previously. The photos have already come off, soon to be followed by the videos, waving bye-bye to You Tube at the same time. Well, all they seem to do of late is put a block on the video clips – a bit like those Cybermen on Doctor Who : “Delete”, “Delete” !

But … over the coming few weeks the site will develop into an action packed mecca for the discerning music punter. You’ ll be witnessing, before your very eyes, more photos and video clips than you ever imagined could possibly be generated from a camera – certainly not before the day film got dumped in favour of digital. There will be loads of stuff ; old, new and in between, from Jam Nights, Riff Raff gigs, me playing solo, Guess, and loads more from my murky musical past …You lucky people ! !

But be patient. It will be a slow process at first until I can get to grips with all the new stuff on this wonderful new piece of computer wizardry. In the meantime keep logging on to see the added stuff as it appears before your very eyes.

And of course, see you at Jam Night at The Middlesex Arms … Every Thursday !

BFN,   Rob.

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  1. Hi – I’m looking for a contact address for John Petrovic and have seen his picture on your site. Can you help? Or tell him that Stephen Cole and some old friends were asking after him.


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