Riff Raff descend on Marlborough

Last night saw the mighty Riff Raff back in action for their first gig since New Year’s eve. The band travelled down the M4 to Marlborough in Wiltshire, descending on ‘The Bear’ in the High Street. A cozy pub, nice carpets on the floor, photos of the famous adorning the walls and a dedicated stage area in the upstairs room or the ground floor room which is really upstairs, depending on which way you look at it. – confused ? ! Anyway, there were plenty of punters in the downstairs bar with a few loyal die-hards upstairs, who were seemingly not too ashamed to be seen in the same room as Riff Raff.

The evening’s entertainment kicked off with a 12-bar sound-check and from then on ‘The Bear’ was rockin’ !  Hopefully, all present enjoyed our offerings. Some of them left happy I’m sure, finding their way home in the pouring rain, as did all of us in the band.

Thanks to Pete and Janet for their pre-gig hospitality, which included a live broadcast by Gordon Brown – lovely ! ! ! 

Until next time …   BFN,   Rob.

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