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So, what’s the news today then ? !  Well, I’m writing this at the end of another Friday evening’s entertainment at The Barley Mow in Shepperton, where Ed Hamilton appeared, playing his unique brand of pop, rock and blues. If you haven’t seen Ed playing live yet, get yer finger out and go and see him ! ! It was also an evening which featured Rosie going round the pub with a hat, supplied by John the landlord, collecting donations for Ed. Highlight of the evening seemed to be counting up all the shrapnel at the end of the night’s entertainment !  A good night, though a little quieter than usual for a Friday night. Perhaps everyone’s on holiday.

Football : I, like everyone else, was sad to hear that Bobby Robson passed away this morning. His England team fell foul of the hand of Maradonna in the 1986 World Cup finals. Robson will be remembered, among other things, for his honesty and integrity, more than can be said for the aforementioned cheating Argy  !

Cricket : With the Ashes series on at the moment, I’m attempting to follow the series as best I can on Channel 5.   Phew !  It’s hard work.  It’s a bit like a small piece of  meat you managed to get on rations. First, you have to scrape around to find it in the first place.  Then you have to try to cut round disproportionately large amounts of fat and gristle ( adverts ) leaving just a miniscule piece of edible meat ( cricket action from the day’s play ).   Still, perhaps we should do what all the well off TV and media experts tell us we should do  – Go out and buy a whole Mammoth which we’re never going to be able to devour ( line the pockets of the greedy gits at ‘Sky’ for channels you’re rarely going to get the chance to watch – if ever )  – Somehow I think I’ll just get a new ration book when I need one !

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