Exit Ealing

While my guitar gently cheers !

While my guitar gently cheers !

Well, it finally happened !  No, I’m not going slightly mad – Well not yet anyway. Last Friday, I left Ealing Council and in so doing, have hopefully prolonged the time before I do go slightly mad.

After 21 years, the last 9 working at PM Gallery & House (Pitzhanger Manor) in Walpole Park, I joined the realms of the semi retired, semi pro musician, as my redundancy came to fruition after many months on the horizon – and at times not ! ( No tears though, as I did volunteer ! ) It was a little sad to leave behind the people I had enjoyed working with down the years. However, I was given wonderful send off at The Red Lion in Ealing on Friday night. So, a big thanks to everyone !

So now I’m freed up to loads of other things. These will include many projects of a musical nature. No surprises there. Learning new numbers is on the list, so that I can increase my repertoires with Riff Raff, MOT, Jam Night and of course my Rob ‘Live’ solo set. I also intend to write and record some of my own stuff too, which is something I haven’t had  time to do for a few years now. And I’ll be fiddling about on this website a bit more too !

Anyway, if you click on Photos & Videos above, you will be able to see exclusive coverage from last Friday – only here on RKmusic ! Hope it doesn’t embarrass too many people. But no need to worry, it will only be showing for a limited period !

Until next time … BFN,  Rob.

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