Going Back In Time

Hot off the press … gig photos discovered ! !  With the new series of Doctor Who under way on the good old BBC, I too have been going back in time, delving deep into the archives of my sizeable collection of photos and what should I stumble upon but a series of photos which, to date, have never seen the light of day  … until now !

'Masquerade' on Horsenden Hill

'Masquerade' on Horsenden Hill, 1999

So, when you eagerly click on Photos & Videos in order to experience these wonderfully rejuvenated stills from yesteryear, what will you find ? Well these never-published-before gig photos were taken on 4th July 1999 and feature ‘Masquerade’ playing the Ealing Countryside Day on Horsenden Hill, Greenford. The ( then ) annual event always had a tent featuring a live band and on a very warm Sunday afternoon, the passing crowds were treated to some ‘Masquerade’ classics.

The line up of this fairly short-lived band was : Me ( Guitar & Vocals ), Mark Chudley ( Guitar & Vocals ), Viv Broughton ( Bass ) and Carl Horner ( Drums ).

Hope you enjoy the photos.  I must go through the old snaps again soon.   BFN,  Rob.

ps. Dont forget ( coming bang up-to-date ) : I’ll be appearing at The Barley Mow, Shepperton on the next two Fridays.  Hope to see you there –  Cheers !

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