Rob’s Studio Gear Reviews

I’ve recently splashed out on a couple of items for use in my recording studio set-up.
Here are my reviews of two pieces of kit !

SE2000 Studio Mic

SE2000 Condenser Studio Microphone

The SE2000 is a great studio mic giving great recorded sounds for the price. I’ve recorded vocals and acoustic guitar with great results. This easy to use mic gives you really professional recorded sounds on a budget.

Behringer HA400 Micro Amp

Behringer HA400 Headphone Micro Amp

The Behringer HA400 has four stereo outputs, allowing up to four sets of headphones to be used simultaneously. Each has its own volume control and produces crystal clear sound quality, and no noise !  A good price too for a simple, easy to use piece of studio kit.

BFN,  Rob.

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