Long Live Jam Night

"Long Live Jam Night"

Hello everyone.

Jam Night was good last night, wasn’t it  ! ?   You weren’t there for the first one of 2011 ?  Shame on you !

Anyway, amidst rumours of an impending demise of our popular weekly Thursday Jam Night at The Middlesex Arms, I’ve posted an up-date on the Jam Nights page to keep everyone informed.

For the uninitiated, just click on Jam Nights to access the Jam Nights page. Easy innit ! ? !  You can then have a good read of the up-date,  and at the end of it all,  you’ll be safe in the knowledge that Jam Night is still up and running – Every Thursday … Long Live Jam Night ! !

So, see you at next week’s Jam Night – Don’t know what all the fuss was about – eh  ! !

BFN,   Rob.

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