Robfest 2011

Hello everyone.

Well, in case you didn’t realise it, Robfest 2011 took place last Sunday in downtown Ashford in the searing afternoon sunshine and into a barmy summer’s evening and in front of an appreciative specially invited audience. As in previous years, everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion with a varied cuisine and all manner of drinks, readily consumed. The Riff Raff boys arrived one by one to supply the live music from the gazebo, as arranged by  ‘Jools Robfest’ himself.

Riff Raff at Robfest 2011... Ooh look, it's Ian !

But where had Ian got to ?  ‘Mr. Keys’ was conspicuous by his absence, and there was a gaping void in the gazebo where the keyboards should have been. Eventually  ‘Mr. Fest’ rang  ‘El Ton’ only to find him sitting at home, all comfy, watching the cricket on the telly. I have to record at this point how commendable this would be under normal circumstances – watching the Test Match, prioritising it above all else … but we’re talking ‘Robfest’ here, which was by now well underway but lacking the presence of fingers !  Eventually Ian did arrive and the classic Riff Raff line up was complete, unlike the first set of classics, during which there were the predictable mutterings from within the Gazebo concerning Ian’s non-presence, which was all due to him thinking that Robfest was next week, even though it had been moved forward a week because he couldn’t make it the week before. Confused ? !  In the end, he made up for it with his dulcet vocal tones and varied keyboard sounds, as you would expect. So all in all, a lovely afternoon and evening of fun in the sun.

You can relive some of your favourite moments, or if you weren’t there, like Ian nearly wasn’t, you can see highlights on video and photos – just click on  Photos & Videos  above and scroll about a bit and you should find them there somewhere. You might even see yourself !

Oh well that’s about it for now … Till next time … BFN, Rob.

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