Jam Night moving forward 30 mins

Dave and Pete rockin' at Jam Night

Hello everyone.

Last night’s Jam Night was up to the usual high standard with loads of people performing, listening and having a damn jolly spiffing time ! !  New photos and videos, showing highlights from last night’s jam Night, can now be viewed by clicking on Photos & Videos above.

Anyway, there are a couple of important things to tell you about. Please note that there’s a new time for Thursday Jam Nights at The Middlesex Arms. From now on Jam Night will start at 9.00pm  and  finish at 11.30pm.   Yes, it’s being moved forward half an hour.   Please also be aware, that in future, we will be keeping the lid on the volume. This follows an official complaint which the pub has recently received.  Apart from that, it’s business as usual.

So, hope to see you next week.          BFN,       Rob.

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