5-a-side with Pacific Storm

Hi everyone.

Well what a fantastic day I’ve had today !  My highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Pacific Storm 5-a-side tournament. I was back in goal again, despite my dodgy knees, one of which no longer has the full compliment of cartilage ; both of which are troubled with arthritis ( old age creeping in ! ).

Rob - PSFC

As usual, it was great to see, and play with, all the lads from Pacific Storm. I was lucky to be in the PSFC 1 team with Andy Lo, Joey Man, Vince Mac, Steve Ho, and Ken Cheung. They played the ball around well, took on opposing players, scored some great goals and, for the most part, defended pretty well too. But somehow, it wasn’t our day.  We played four games and things went well at first as we drew the first game. But it was evident that we were getting a bit tired in the second half.  Then, we had to play back to back games.  This took its toll as we were unable to take another point from our subsequent three matches.

But everyone looked like they had a great time, me included, with a bunch of guys who have always been a pleasure to play with, and still are.  At the end of the day, I suppose what’s really important is that they’re all really nice people !  I may not have got to know any of them as really close friends, indeed I have to confess that I still struggle to remember all their names after all this time ( old age creeping in again ),  but my time spent in the company of everyone connected with Pacific Storm FC will always be much valued and I will always have fantastic memories.  Anyway enough of all this.  Next year’s tournament is only 12 months away … I can’t wait !

This evening Rosie and Joel took me to The Swan in Staines, where I had two pints of Fullers Red Fox ( very nice ! ), raising a glass to PSFC and all associated with the the club.

Cheers,  Rob.

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