Riff Raff recording new CD

Riff Raff were back in the studio this week to record more tracks for their forthcoming new CD.

Riff Raff ... back in the studio !

Various members of the band got together at ‘Shabby Road’ to work on the twelve-track CD, entitled  ‘Hands On’  which is due out sometime in 2012.  Recording on the project has been going on for a while, and its release next year will coincide with the tenth anniversary of the band’s formation.

Riff Raff have always been primarily a covers band, but other than demos, this is their first CD and this one features all their own material !

More work will be taking place over the coming weeks and the band hope the fans will remain patient throughout.  The Riff Raff boys realise the fans’ frustrations in having to wait so long for the release of this classic CD, but feel the wait will be well worth it in the end.  More news will follow as soon as it becomes available.

BFN,    Rob     ( On behalf of   The  Riff Raff  boys )

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