Get Your Hands On ‘Hands On’

R i f f    R a f f    C D    ‘ H a n d s   O n ‘    R e l e a s e d  !

Hello again to all you Riff Raff fans out there. More big news for you all …

'Hands On' : Riff Raff

… The band’s new CD entitled ‘Hands On’  has now been released, slightly earlier than the previous prediction !

So, you want to get your hands on a copy of  ‘Hands On’ by Riff Raff do you ? !

Well folks, now you can as, as from today, the CD is now available on general release !

Full details can now be found on the Riff Raff page.  The Discography page has been up-dated too.

BFN,  Rob.


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  1. Love the video clip. Made Oi larf!! If I didn’t know these people I’d probably buy one (or several). Buy the CD, not the people (just thought I’d make that clear). Can’t wait for the world tour.

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