Robfest 2012

Hello again !

Well, Robfest is over now for another year and what a great Robfest it turned out to be. The specially invited audience came from miles around on Sunday, from all over the country in fact ;  from Yorkshire, Birmingham, Lincolnshire, Portsmouth and even from next door.

Riff Raff performing at Robfest 2012

The weather was a concern for a while, with heavy showers throughout the morning hindering final preparations. Then, at about midday, a cloudburst producing torrential rain, threatened to put an end to the outdoor extravaganza. Plan B was was being prepared – an indoor extravaganza !  However, we needn’t have worried. After all, this is Robfest we’re talking about and in the end, the weather lived up to true Robfest tradition with an afternoon and evening of bright sunny weather, drinks, food and live music from, among others, Riff Raff !

Yes, Riff Raff were there as usual, playing a selection from their set of classic covers … plus … an added bonus of two tracks from their new album, ‘Hands On’. This is the first time the band have played any of their own numbers live !  It also marked ten years of Riff Raff.  Yes, Riff Raff were formed in the summer of 2002 … Is there a song there somewhere ?   Anyway, special thanks to Joel Ogden and Peter Callow for filling in on bass in the absence of Riff Raff bass man Pete ‘Dick Love-It’ Atkins, who had the audacity to go on holiday when Robfest was on !

So all in all, a momentous occasion that beat the weather !  … Hope everyone had a good time !  You can re-live this auspicious ocassion, or see what you missed by clicking on this Robfest 2012 Photos & Video  link to see all the highlights !  Hope you enjoy them !

BFN,    Rob  ( aka Jools Robfest )

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