Last Jam Night Of The Year

Hi Folks !

Last night’s Jam Night at the Middlesex Arms was the last one of 2012.

The last Jam Night of 2012

As per usual, everyone who was there had a good time. A shame a few more didn’t get down, but then I suppose it was a bit on the cold and frosty side, wasn’t it ? !  Anyway, I captured a few moments from last night on camera, the results of which can be seen on this very website. You may well see yourself if you click on  Jam Night 13/12/2012 Photos & Videos, which are now showing.  Hope it keeps you all interested enough, during the Christmas break,  to come back when it all starts up again on 7th February 2013.  If you haven’t been down to Jam Night lately, that could be a good time to make an appearance. So, hope to see you then. In the meantime, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

BFN,  Rob.

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