Subbuteo is back !

Alan and John battle it out, while Rob refs !

Hello everyone.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

Now, I’m sure you thought I’d be starting off 2013, talking about music. Well, you’d be wrong, although I will be moving swiftly on to the subject in due course. But first, over the last few weeks or so, I’ve taken up a hobby which I thought I’d left behind for good, some years ago – Subbuteo Table Football !  With my knees restricting real football participation, Subbuteo Football, is turning out to be a sort of football substitute, having been un-packed and put in place to take over the dining table.  Yes, Subbuteo football has returned to my list of regular activities, after a gap of thirty years or so.

I’ve even started playing regular league matches with a bunch of like-minded chaps ( plus the odd one who sadly, doesn’t know how to behave, despite being old enough to know better  – well, there’s always one I suppose ! )   Anyway, to give you the flavour of what it’s all about, especially to the uninitiated, you can see edited highlights (very edited, as it turns out ) from a league game between John v Rob on 3rd Dec 2012 by clicking on this link. I’m sure you’ll find it amusing !

Anyway … musical things !  I’ve been recording a few bits and pieces recently – nothing that’s taken too much shape really !  And, of course, Jam Night is still on holiday, but is due back at the Middlesex Arms on Thursday 7th February. Hope to see loads of faces, old and new !

Until next time,  BFN,  Rob.

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