Another Week In The Isle Of Wight

Me and Jimi !

Hello everyone.

Well, I’ve been been away to the Isle Of Wight for a week’s holiday since I last wrote. I took Rosie across the sea for a very enjoyable week … and we didn’t need passports. We just hopped on the ferry for a little trip across the Solent. The weather was not too bad on the whole – could have been a lot worse !  We stayed in new accommodation this year as our old chalet site is no more. It’s currently being built on, with new houses going up.  We still stayed in Sandown but near the zoo. A lot of lions and tigers in there !  Our travels took us past Parkhurst prison. A lot of murderers in there !  The IOW sounds like a pretty dangerous place !  A trip to Syria anyone ! ? !  While we were there, we visited Dimbola Lodge again to look up our old friend Jimi !  OK ,so it’s a statue, but it had changed since our last visit.  The Hendrix statue is now adorned in somewhat over-the-top 60’s attire. This includes some rather fanciful purple woolly strings on his Fender Stratocaster !  On Friday night we went to King Harry’s Bar in Shanklin. This is a favourite Friday night haunt of ours as they always have a band playing there on Fridays. This time we saw a three piece band called ‘The Meteors’,  an entertaining trio playing Rock’n’Roll from 50’s through to 80’s.  We made our way home on Saturday, catching the ferry from Fishbourne, having made a fleeting Saturday morning visit to Ryde for a quick whiz round the shops.

The Meteors

Upon our return, we hastily got ready for Richard’s 60th Birthday party, and made our way to Ealing for the evening’s celebrations.  It was a great night, and I’m sure it was enjoyed by all in attendance. Happy Birthday Richard ! !

I played cricket on Sunday, returning to action for Spelthorne and taking a couple of wickets to add to my season’s tally.

On Monday, Ian came over with his keyboards and we kicked around some new material for recording.

So it’s been all go recently and no sign of a let up either,  with Robfest now very much on the horizon.

That’s all for now,  BFN,  Rob.

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