Robfest 2013

Hello everyone.

Well, it’s been pretty busy lately, as you would no doubt expect, with Robfest 2013 having taken place last Sunday 4th August.  What with all the preparations, of which there was a substantial amount on many fronts, the aftermath was no less frenetic with all the clearing up operation, de-rigging and sorting through items various, prior to binning or putting away for next time, as the case maybe.

Riff Raff with Brian Cope at Robfest 2013

Riff Raff with Brian Cope at Robfest 2013

Anyway, enough of all this waffle, let’s get to the point … and the point is that, as in previous years,  ‘Robfest’ was again much enjoyed by all those present.  Perhaps you weren’t there and therefore missed it.  Maybe  you were there but got too drunk to remember it.  Or you do remember but would like to see the highlights again.

In any event, don’t worry because all you need to do is click on this  Robfest 2013 Photos & Video  link and that’s just what you’ll be able to see –  video footage and photos of this year’s extravaganza.  As usual, there were various drinks and nibbles with ‘Riff Raff’ in action in the gazebo, joined this year by Brian Cope. Thanks to Brian for coming along and performing. All of us in ‘Riff Raff’ enjoyed it and I’m sure Brian did too. Despite having known Brian for some years, that’s the first time we’ve played together – great fun !

Thanks to Rosie and Joel, who did a lot of work in organising and clearing up.  Oh well, I suppose I’d better get back to the clear-up myself !  Now, where does that plug go ? ! ?  Enjoy the video and pics.  See you soon.

BFN,  Rob.

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