Good To Be Back At Jam Night

Hello everyone.

Rob at Jam Night

Rob at Jam Night

Well, I’ve done a couple of Jam Nights now, since my return to action, and in the words of Gary Glitter, “It’s good to be back” !   With my knee improving, I’m now fit to resume Jam Night duties regularly with all the humping of amps and kit bags that comes with that particular territory. Thanks to Marco for his work over the last three months or so, during my absence, and it’s good to see he’s still about, participating with his excellent vocals !  Last Thursday’s attendance was excellent and Lenny did his usual fantastic job of co-ordinating everything so that nobody was left out and everyone got up and had a go !  Marvellous ! !

Don’t forget, Jam Night is on every Thursday at The Middlesex Arms, so grab the instrument of your choice and get down there. New faces are always welcome and of course so are all the regulars too !   See you soon.

Cheers,  BFN,   Rob.

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