Jam Night at Harrow Borough

New Jam Night, new guitar ! Lenny gets in tune !

New Jam Night, new guitar ! Lenny gets in tune !

The new Jam Night at Harrow Borough Football Club kicked off ( see what I did there ?! ) last night. It was a fairly successful start especially when you consider the haste with which it was organised ( thanks to Gavin for that ), the fact that it was Guy Fawkes night and the weather was pretty yuk !  Nevertheless, it all went off spiffingly and the small crowd that gathered seemed to enjoy the new venue.

But … Jam night needs support … Your support !   So, please don’t be put off just because we’re not in a pub any more. Harrow Borough is a very accommodating venue so grab your guitar, bass, keyboards, brass or whatever and come and join in.  It’s the usual house band, and the same start time of 9.15 on a good day or 9.30 when I’ve plugged in a dodgy lead.


Important note … From now on Wednesday night is Jam Night !   Yes friends, it’s being moved from Thursdays to Wednesdays !!

So come and join in and play on a proper stage !   We look forward to seeing you very soon !

BFN,  Cheers,  Rob.

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