‘Lockdown sessions’ released

Yes friends, I’ve got some new tunes done and dusted!

While recording of the fourth Riff Raff album has been interrupted by the Coronavirus, I have been hidden away writing and recording a new solo project. (Had to do something ‘useful’ with all that spare time!) And here it is! It’s a 4-track EP released this week and is entitled…

Rob Kemmenoe – Lockdown Sessions

1.  Lockdown  3:48
2.  Suspended Isolation  2:15
3.  I’m The Covid Curse  3:52
4.  Brand New  4:39

RK15   2021

Written recorded, performed and mixed by Rob Kemmenoe at ‘RKmusic Shabby Road Studios’, from April 2020 to January 2021 during the Covid-19 lockdown period.  Many thanks to Joel Ogden for piano & mellotron on ‘Lockdown’, mastering, cover design and photo and for getting this EP onto the media platforms.

Listen on YouTube, Spotify and others!

Stay safe, BFN, Rob.

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