It’s Christmas

Hello everyone.

Well here we are, with the end of the year in sight. Where did the last 12 months go ?  Whoosh !!  So, time to look back and reflect.

Jam Night has been going well at the Three Wishes, North Harrow. However, it turns out that we’re being down-graded from weekly to monthly for 2017. I’m sure we’ll soon see how that all turns out.  ‘Stranger Here, Than Over There’, the new Riff Raff CD, was released earlier in the year. More recording has been taking place with the Riff Raff boys, with more ideas for another CD perhaps.  Still on the subject of music, I’ve just heard that another legend has died – R.I.P. Rick Parfitt.

Rosie and I have been on our travels to North Wales, Isle of Wight and Liverpool. We visited North Wales with Adrian and Di, and re-visted Portmeirion.  We went back to the IOW this year for our holidays and stayed in Yaverland, just outside Sandown. We had a great week.  Then we took the train up to Liverpool, for three days away. We took a bus tour round the city and visited the Beatles exhibition. The weather was good too, apart from one rainy afternoon. We went to the Cavern Club and were sitting in Sgt Pepper’s next door while, back home, QPR were losing 0-6 to Newcastle. Never mind, now that Ollie’s back we’ll be OK – won’t we ?  I hope so – I’ve just bought a half-season ticket !

I was back in cricketing action for the season just gone. It took a while to get going again, what with last year off and my limited participation in the previous five years. The groin strains didn’t help either. But I had my moments and I’m looking forward to next season. I’ve recently joined a gym to try to get fitter and stronger after my two knee operations.  I’ve also been making a gradual comeback on the 5-a-side footie front.  The Subbuteo season is now well underway, so I’m getting plenty of exercise running round the table !

Well, that’s about it, other than to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Cheers, Rob.

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Last Jam of 2016

The last Jam Night of the year, at The Three Wishes in North Harrow, was held on Thursday 15th December. It was another great night with a sizeable attendance. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, as the weekly musical extravaganza wound up for another year.  The first Jam Night of 2017 will be on Thursday 26th January !  However, there is a down side – Jam Night is changing from weekly to monthly, on the last Thursday of every month.  Apologies for this change !

From all the House Band, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

BFN,  Rob.

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Jam Night OFF !

Jam Night at the Three Wishes, North Harrow is OFF tomorrow, Thursday 1st September, for one week only.  It’s back on again on Thursday 8th September !

Cheers, Rob.

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Jam Night OFF tonight !

Jam Night OFF tonight !

Hi everyone.
Jam Night at The Three Wishes, North Harrow is off tonight ( Thursday 9th June ) due to flooding. It will be on again next week.

Cheers, Rob.

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New Riff Raff album coming soon

Stranger Here, Than Over There

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.04.44I have been working on a new album with the other Riff Raffs for some considerable time now, and we are nearly ready to release the finished article.  Recorded at RKmusic’s ‘Shabby Road’ Studios, ‘Stranger Here, Than Over There’ is due out on Friday 22nd April 2016.  The album is a mixed bag, containing 12 tracks of varying styles of music, following on from ‘Hands On’, our previous project.

Click on the Riff Raff page above, for more about this marvellous new creation, and how to go about getting hold of a copy.

BFN,  Rob.

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Jam Night OFF tomorrow

Jam Night at Three Wishes, North Harrow

Jam Night at Three Wishes, North Harrow

Hi everyone.

Jam Night at The Three Wishes, North Harrow is  off  tomorrow ( Wednesday 16th March ).
It will be on again on Thursday of next week, 24th March.

Cheers,  Rob.

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Jam Night

Hello there !

Jam Night has now finished at Harrow Borough Football Club.

A new Thursday Jam Night will start in January at The Three Wishes in North Harrow.  ** Starts on 21st **

Hope to see you all there.   In the meantime, have a Happy New Year.

BFN,  Rob.

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” It’s Christmas … “

" It's Christmas ! "

” It’s Christmas ! “

Hello everyone.

Well, it’s nearly Christmas and there’s been loads going on !

To start with, Jam Night is on the move again. After a short stay at Harrow Borough Football Club, it will be moving on again very soon … The last day at Harrow Borough FC will be Wednesday 30th December.  Jam Night will start again at the Three Wishes, North Harrow in January, and it will be back on Thursdays!

I recently ‘depped’ for Ashwood, gigging at the Three Wishes in Edgware. Apart from having to sit about for forty minutes, when the boxing came on the TV at 11pm, it was great fun. Thanks to Rod and the boys for asking me to play with them.

Meanwhile, the Riff Raff boys are looking forward to the New Year with the release of the new studio album, ‘Stranger Here, Than Over There’.  After three years of writing and recording, it’s nearly done and dusted and should be ready for release very soon.  More about that in the coming weeks !

Also, sometime in the New Year, I hope to start playing a bit of 5-a-side footie again, with a view to playing cricket this season, having missed the whole of last season after my latest knee operation. All seems to be healing and strengthening well, so I hope to be back in action soon.

Well, it’s just about time to start the Christmas celebrations, so what better place to start, than with my annual musical Christmas offering … Click here to see the Christmas video clip.

Have a great Christmas !  BFN,  Rob.

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Jam Night at Harrow Borough

New Jam Night, new guitar ! Lenny gets in tune !

New Jam Night, new guitar ! Lenny gets in tune !

The new Jam Night at Harrow Borough Football Club kicked off ( see what I did there ?! ) last night. It was a fairly successful start especially when you consider the haste with which it was organised ( thanks to Gavin for that ), the fact that it was Guy Fawkes night and the weather was pretty yuk !  Nevertheless, it all went off spiffingly and the small crowd that gathered seemed to enjoy the new venue.

But … Jam night needs support … Your support !   So, please don’t be put off just because we’re not in a pub any more. Harrow Borough is a very accommodating venue so grab your guitar, bass, keyboards, brass or whatever and come and join in.  It’s the usual house band, and the same start time of 9.15 on a good day or 9.30 when I’ve plugged in a dodgy lead.


Important note … From now on Wednesday night is Jam Night !   Yes friends, it’s being moved from Thursdays to Wednesdays !!

So come and join in and play on a proper stage !   We look forward to seeing you very soon !

BFN,  Cheers,  Rob.

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Jam Night … Breaking News !

Hi everyone.

Jam Night at The Middlesex Arms has been ‘pulled’ !  The pub management have decided not to continue with the Thursday Night sessions with immediate effect.

However, Gavin has been quick to secure an alternative venue.  So, starting on Thursday 5th November, Jam Night will be held at Harrow Borough FC.

Please come down and have a blast !

BFN,  Cheers,  Rob.

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Welcome to my website, RKmusic.

Here, you will find gig dates, photos, videos, and more, all of which I hope you find entertaining.

My interest in the early Isle Of Wight concerts is also featured along with pages on some of my sporting interests.

I hope you enjoy the site and please come back again soon.

Cheers, Rob.

No shows booked at the moment.