'RK Highlights Of The Week'

So, another week whizzes by … and here are some highlights !

Last Sunday’s visit to the Shepherds Bush Empire to see a triple bill gig was indeed memorable.  First on stage were The Groundhogs.  Very loud and very samey. In short, I wasn’t that impressed !

Wishbone Ash were next and thoroughly ‘blew away’ the Groundhogs. This incarnation of the band is billed as Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash, and even though Martin Turner was the only original Wishbone on show, it didn’t detract from the quality of this band’s line-up. The two guitarists’ twin guitars were excellent and had the authentic Wishbone Ash feel, matched by their harmony vocals which backed Martin Turner’s front vocals – very tight and very good – incorporating four or five numbers from ‘Argus’ among their 45 minute set.

Then came Focus, surely one of the most unique bands ever to have graced a stage anywhere in the world. Thijs Van Leer (Keyboards, flute, vocals) and Pierre Van der Linden (Drums) remain from the band’s seventies heyday. The whole band was excellent and the sight of Thijs van Leer playing his trusty old hammond organ with one hand while holding and playing his flute with the other, was truly remarkable.

I hope I get a chance to see Wishbone Ash and Focus again one day and I’d recommend anyone who is remotely into this kind of music to go and see them too. Sorry, but The Groundhogs didn’t quite do it for me !

Hot off the press this week – ‘Riff Raff Live At Robfest 2008’ CD & DVD set. Its release ( to the Riff Raff boys at least ) is imminent, pending final packaging and quality control. So it’ll be available next week from me personally and from this website ( not in the shops – what do they know about retailing anyway ? ) so click on ‘contact’ and ask away.

Thursday was Jam Night at The Middlesex Arms. More people in attendance this week with one or two more musos, and even more music lovers and pop pickers enjoying the music too.

Last night ( Friday ) I did a repeat gig at the Oaks in West Hyde and despite it being a fairly quiet evening punter-wise, the few that were in attendance seemed to enjoy my offerings.  Thanks to Roger and friends for coming down too.

So that’s last week’s ‘RK Highlights Of The Week’ – a sort of a ‘TV Burp’ if you like – what’s in store next ? …. Who knows !

BFN,  Rob.

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