Oh What A Night

Yes, what a night it was last night – mid November back in ’08 – Hmmm, doesn’t quite work really does it ? ! Thanks to everyone who came to see my perfomance at The Black Horse in Greenford last night. I hope you all enjoyed the set, even if I didn’t play any Franki Valli – don’t have any of his numbers in my repertoire – sorry ! !

Anyway, eventually me and Rosie arrived home at 1.30ish leaving everything in the car till tomorrow – “leave it till tomorrow to unpack my case” – so to speak. So, this morning, woke up, looked at the clock : “12.10” – WHAT ? ! ? ! – it’s not this morning, it’s this afternoon ! !  Got up PDQ and unloaded the car, leaving it all in a bit of a heap in the front room due to now being behind with my list of things to do, not least of which, going to visit Mumsie, who’s in hospital at the moment – sadly, not too well but recovering !

In between times, a new Riff Raff gig has been confirmed, despite reservations on the cash versus time and effort equation insofar as it relates to New Year’s Eve entertainment and all that !  Well, this is rip-off Britain I suppose !  The gig’s at The George in Kingsbury on New Year’s Eve. Details are on the ‘Gigs’ page.

I decided this week, on further developments to the up-grading of this website. Early next year I’ll be arranging an upgrading to the website and changing my now unusable Cubase system. Joel is currently very kindly investigating possibilities. Upgrading the cubase system will mean I’ll be able to do some more backing tracks ( maybe some Queen, perhaps some Tom Petty or even … Franki Valli ?? ) The website will be easier for me to manage. At the moment, Joel does most of it as and when time allows, especially when it comes to adding new photos and video clips. After the up-grade I’ll be able to manage more of the site myself. This should result in quicker and more frequent service for the benefit of all users. I’m starting to sound a bit like ‘Transport For London’ now or ‘Network South East’ ( used to be ‘London Transport’ and ‘British Rail’ in my day – you knew where you were then – mind you they were still crap ! ), so I think it’s now time to sign off.

Until next time,   BFN,   Rob.

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