It's Snowtime !

Just found a new hobby … shoveling snow ! It’s exhilarating, except for the aching back and creaking knees afterwards.  The overnight downfall left me snowed in today – one of the disadvantages of living at the end of a cul-de-sac I suppose. I’ve only seen one of my neighbours venture out today and his wheels were spinning and the vehicle was sliding sideways. He got out eventually, though the surrounding roads were pretty un-navigable too !  Still, nice to see some Christmassy scenes when looking out of the window. We’ve got a snowman in the drive now as well.

Anyway, the aforementioned new hobby will be short lived and hopefully everything will be back to normal very soon and the old hobbies, music and football, will continue soon.

All things being equal, Jam Night will be on as usual this coming Thursday -we won’t have snow then … will we ? ? ?  Unfortunately, I missed last week due to a bug.

I was going to go to QPR tomorrow night to see their game against Swansea, but it’s already been called off, and tonight’s 5-a-side footie will be 0-a-side instead !

Last Saturday, I did a solo gig at The Black Horse in Greenford, a private function to celebrate Craig’s 30th Birthday.  I hope Craig and his friends had a good time.  I think they did anyway.

Lastly, an up-date regarding the proposed up-grade of this website : Nothing much happening at the moment !  Still waiting for the right package to become available and then it will be ‘full steam ahead’.

So, until next time …

… BFN,    Rob.

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