Lem-Sip Monday

So here we are again on a Monday, the start of a brand new week, the sun’s out on a beautiful spring day and I’m struck down with a brand new bug of the common cold variety. With so much to look forward to (we hope ), all my week’s plans are immediately on hold. For a start, no work for today, at least ! No bad thing that really, under the present circumstances. But then I have to miss 5-a-side football from 6 to 7pm  and cricket practice at 8pm. Yes, the season is almost upon us.  OK, to be fair, I’ve got a bruised hip from my Friday footie, so football tonight was a non starter . Maybe I could have got through the cricket practice though.

Anyway, you’ll notice I hope,  that there have been a few more recent changes and additions on the site at which you are now looking !  I’ve done a bit of a revamp to the Jam Night page and of course the collection of photos and videos continues to increase following the recent launch of the new look website. I hope everyone that visits the site is suitably entertained.

You’ll notice from the Gigs page that there’s not a lot about at the moment. Sadly, The Oaks in West Hyde, a popular haunt, has now changed hands and is to become a Restaurant, so not much chance of any music there in future as far as I know.

Well, that’s all for now !  Time to go and find where I left my packet of Lem-Sips. (Ooops – that’s not advertising is it ! ? ! ) That’s if I’ve got any left. I seem to have slurped my way through a few as the day has progressed.

Oh well, hope to see you soon,

BFN,     Rob.

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