More Video Footage

 As I’ve been struck down with a chest infection, due to a nasty bug invading my bodily particles, I’ve been confined to quarters for most of the week, enjoying the delights of penicillin. So, I’ve taken the opportunity to delve into my photo & video archives and found bunches of stuff. This includes footage of Riff Raff from 17th March 2007 at The Cross in Maple Cross and some Jam Night footage from 28th June 2007 at The Star in South Harrow. So I set about editing, and now for your viewing and listening pleasure, they can now be viewed and enjoyed by all and sundry – just click on Photos & Videos and you’ll see them there, ready and waiting, along with all the other stuff loaded previously.

And there’s more in the pipeline !                                  BFN,       Rob.

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