Hobbling about

Riff Raff

Hello everyone.

I’m afraid I’ve been out of circulation over the past couple of weeks. This is due to my long term knee problems which have been more troublesome of late and then this week I’ve been struck down by an attack of Gout !  OK, you can laugh if you like but it’s not a lot of fun I can tell you. It’s very painful and debilitating, and reduced my mobility on a good day, to hobbling about !  As a result of  all this, cricket and 5-a-side footie has had to be curtailed and I was not fit enough to go to jam night last night either. At least the World Cup has been on during my days of inactivity.

Anyway, all things being equal, I should be pain free within the the next few days enabling me to continue with my usual activities. This will include rehearsing in the studio with the Riff Raff boys for one or two forthcoming gigs,  and a solo gig, later this month. See details in the right hand column and on the Gigs page.

OK, time to hobble off !   Hope to see to soon.   BFN.   Rob.

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