Happy Birthday Rosie

Hello everybody !

Well, there’s been a lot going just lately. Here’s a quick summing up of what I’ve been involved with recently.

Riff Raff at 'MooseFest' 2010

The acoustic extravaganza that is MooseFest 2010 took place last Sunday. It featured music from Riff Raff, fresh from their RAFA fundraising gig at The Windsock Club in South Harrow on 31st July, playing their usual brand of rock and pop classics, and Joel and Friends, with a unique set of folk rock, much enjoyed by the appreciative audience. The annual ‘Robfest’ style event was re-named in honour of Rosie celebrating her 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Rosie ! We were again blessed with a fine afternoon and evening of good weather as in previous years. As usual there was a lot of preparation before and de-rigging and clearing up after the event. In this respect, many thanks to Joel, Scarlet, Peter and Robin for their efforts – and me and Rosie too !  There are photos and video footage now available to view – just click on Photos & Videos above !

You can also see some recently added photos and a video clip from a recent Jam Night at The Middlesex Arms on 15th July.  Many thanks to Dan for his contribution.

On the subject of Jam Night, this coming Thursday 19th August will be my last appearance for about three weeks as next week I will be having surgery on my offending knee joint and will then be resting up while the healing process gets under way followed by rehabilitation to get the muscles up and running again. Suffice it to say, I wont be around much in the coming weeks.  Many of you will know that I have been struggling with a painful and swollen knee for a while now. The deterioration of my condition has forced me to put football on hold and has seriously limited my cricket involvement this season. Hopefully, I’ll be back in action soon.

Ed Hamilton played at The Prince Of Wales in Oatlands on Sunday 1st August. Me and Rosie went along to see him on a quiet Sunday evening. It may have been quiet but it was enjoyable none the less.

So, that’s about it for this round-up of recent stuff.  See you when I’m back on my feet again.  BFN, Rob.

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