A & E at The Barley Mow

Hello again !

Here’s a quick round-up, past and future, of one or two things !

Andy Locke at The Red Lion, Isleworh

Ed Hamilton

This coming Friday 24th September sees ‘A & E’ at The Barley Mow in Shepperton. No, the NHS haven’t set up in the pub. Even if they had such a policy, it wouldn’t be needed at the Barley Mow as it is such a cozy and friendly pub. Mind you, imagine if an A & E Department was located at your local pub … as soon as there’s any fisty-cuffs the medics would already be on-site to deal with the cuts and scrapes. Hmm, I suppose you’d need an on-site Cop Shop too !  Things might get a bit too crowded, especially if you were to follow it to its logical conclusion and put the Magistrates Court in the pub as well, to deal with the miscreants.

Anyway, I digress ( rather badly ) !   ‘A & E’ actually stands for Andy and Ed,  as Messrs. Locke and Hamilton joining forces on Friday night for the first of their duo gigs.  It’s their first amalgamation under the A & E  banner so do yourselves a favour and go and see them … You’ll be pleased you did !

Rewinding to last Friday, The Royal Oak in Hampton played host to ‘Red’, one of my favourite local cover bands. As per usual Bob and the boys were on top form. Very good and very enjoyable !

On Thursday night I will be making my comeback at Jam Night at The Middlesex Arms in South Ruislip, following my recent lay off over the past few weeks. The knee is healing slowly and the physio is becoming increasingly arduous so hopefully that means I’m getting stronger. There’s still a long way to go though before I’m back to being 100% fit.  I’ve been using the extra time this has created, made available due to all the sitting about I’ve had to do, by putting together some new backing tracks for when I hit the road again with my ‘Rob Live’ gigs.  I haven’t got any gigs planned just yet, but … watch this space !

However, I will be playing with ‘Riff Raff’ on Saturday 9th October. This gig will be a repeat appearance at the ‘Windsock Club’ in South Harrow. It’s open to all,  so hopefully we will see some of you there.

Well, it’s about time to wrap things up for now and go and do some more physio.

See you soon.     BFN,   Rob.

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