Riff Raff and Karaoke Don’t Mix !

Firstly, last Friday night I attended my Cricket Club presentation evening, which was held at  a cozy local Chinese Restaurant.  In addition to the Chinese Cuisine, the evening included Karaoke … Terrific !  And so it was that I found myself part of a new boy band called ‘The Old Git’s or ‘The Old Farts’ or something like that.  Anyway three of us proceded to ruthlessly murder Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ and ‘Up The Junction’ by Squeeze.   Oh,  the  shame  of  it  all  !

Riff Raff at The Windsock Club

Anyway, fast forward twenty four hours !  A fairly sizeable crowd gathered last Saturday evening to see the mighty Riff Raff take to the stage once again at The Windsock Club in South Harrow.  This was a follow-up gig, having played a successful gig just a few weeks ago.  So, back by popular demand, Riff Raff’s performance seemed to be warmly received by everyone in attendance.

The first set contained some of the band’s more laid back numbers. This included a rendition of a song by Ed Miliband … or was it David Miliband ? … No, it was Steve Miller Band ! …  A magical version of ‘Abracadabra’. The interval saw copious amounts of sausages, chips, chips and more chips in evidence, being passed around the room and then devoured. ( Made a change from Cheese and Turkey sandwiches I suppose ! )

The second set saw the band launch into a more rocky format. The punters seemed to enjoy listening to the hour and a half of classics the band had served up  and at the end of the gig, as the plugs were pulled and the band cleared their gear, so the Karaoke bagan.  Oh no, not Karaoke again ! ? ! This seemed like the cue for the Riff Raff boys to exit stage right or left or anywhere that had an escape route !  Riff Raff and Karaoke don’t really mix !

I couldn’t help noticing the Karaoke track for ‘Back In the USSR’ started playing while I was packing my gear up. No one seemed to be on the mic and I was nearly tempted to get up and do it myself.  But then I remembered the vastly superior version given the Riff Raff treatment that we had already played a little earlier in the evening … No contest ! !

Anyway, you may be pleased to know that I’ve now put my selection of photos on the site for all and sundry to indulge in. So, if you want to have a look, just click on Photos & Videos above.

Oh well, that’s all for now. Time to go and watch the England game on the telly.  Second thoughts, anybody know where  there’s Karaoke tonight ?

BFN, Rob.

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