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Hello again !

Well it’s all go this week isn’t it ! ? !

I’ve justed added, for your listening and viewing pleasure, a video clip from 2004 that I’ve recently come across.  For the past six years, in the depths of my archives, has lurked probably the earliest video clip of one of my solo gigs. It was filmed at a party held at Grreenford Hall on 23rd October 2004 to celebrate Steve’s birthday.  Steve, who hailed from New Zealand, was a work collegue of mine at the time and the party was full of his Kiwi friends.

Mark Chudley : Appearing at Jam Night

They were a friendly group of people who seemed to enjoy the set I played for them that night. Unfortunately, I’ve now lost touch with Steve, but who knows, perhaps he or one of his friends that was there that night might stumble across this clip on this site  and get in touch.

To see the clip just click on  Photos & Videos above and then scroll down until you get to all the videos – they’re under ther photos y’know !

Anyway, back to the present and I’m preparing myself for tonight’s weekly extravaganza that is Jam Night at The Middlesex Arms in South Ruislip. Lenny is away tonight, for one week only,  and I’m pleased to announce that filling in for him will be the one and only Pretend Pop Star himself, Mark Chudley. I haven’t played with Mark for quite a while, so it could be rather interesting.  So come down and enjoy the evening.  See you there !

BFN, Rob.

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