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Hello !

Rob 'Live'

Just a quick reminder that I will soon be playing my first solo gig for nearly six months, due to my well documented knee problems. It’s next Saturday 20th November at The Six Bells in Kingston – see the Gigs page for details ! It would be really nice to see as many of you as possible for my ‘comeback’ appearance and my first showing at a new venue.

So, what else has been happening recently ?

Thursday was Jam Night as usual at The Middlesex Arms in South Ruislip.  It was a little bit lighter on numbers than usual but a good time was still had by all those who were there. Don’t forget to check out the Jam Nights page !

Last Friday was ‘staying in’ night with the intention of going out on Saturday night instead.

On Saturday, I was going to see ‘A & E’ , that’s Andy (Locke) and Ed (Hamilton ) to the uninitiated, who were playing at The Six Bells, Kingston, no less !  However, I was struck down with a migrane so had another ‘staying in’ night.

Oh well that’s enough excitement for now. Hope to see you at next Saturday’s gig !

Cheers,   BFN,   Rob.

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