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No, the Government haven’t found an answer to the country’s financial problems.  A peace solution for all the conflicts in the middle east hasn’t been found.  Local authorities haven’t been able to clear the recent snow to enable transport systems to once again flow freely.

Is it an LP or a CD ? It's an Album !

No ! The breaking news is … I’ve just started on a brand new solo LP.

Hmm ! ?  LP  !   That has a sort of vinyl ring about it doesn’t it ! ? !   OK, to be accurate, it’s a CD.   Mind you, I lke vinyl LPs … I like CDs too.  But which is better … ? Perhaps to generalise,  I should  refer to it as an album !

Anyway, this breathtaking news may come as something of a shock, considering my last solo effort was released back in 2003, following five years of hard graft.

I’m optimistic that this new project will take months rather than years but at this stage I’ve no idea as to how long it will take.  So far, I’ve only got as far as throwing a few basic ideas onto ‘GarageBand’ on my computer, so we’ll have to see how things progress as I go about developing my rough ideas in the coming weeks.

On the ‘live’ front, I will be playing solo at The Black Horse, Eastcote on December 17th … See Gigs page for details.

BFN,   Rob.

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