Jam Night is back

Jamming at Jam Night

Yes friends, the Thursday Jam Night at the Middlesex Arms was back last night after a one week break.

It’s now on every Thursday from now on,  so make sure to get down there and be part of the fun !

See you soon,  BFN,  Rob.



    1. Hi Tom.

      It’s a ‘Small Faces’ song called ‘All Or Nothing’. We sometimes kick off Jam Night with it.
      Anyway, nice to see someone still looks at my website from time to time.
      What are we doing stuck indoors on our computers on a day like this ? ! ? !
      Anyway, see you on Thursday.

      Cheers, Rob.

      1. Ohh awesome im guna download it now, me and darran wanna learn it cos we heard it down the jam nights before, yeah i come on here afew times every now and then to check out jam night videos and see if we pop up in them hahaha. but yes on a day like it is today nobody knows why im on here hahah. cheers again will see you thursday!

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