It’s all go at ‘Shabby Road’

Hi Folks.

Happy Easter. Hope you’re enjoying the weather we’re having at the moment – pretty damn good.  Oh, and it’s St. George’s Day today, so Happy St. George’s Day. A good day for slaying dragons, especially Welsh ones ( a little cryptic QPR joke there ! )

New CD by Rob or Riff Raff ?

Jam Nights at the Middlesex Arms are going well, and thankfully, there seem to be no more rumours doing the rounds about closure or any such rubbish !

I’ve spent quite a lot of time over the past few weeks recording a few tracks on my computer studio, aka GarageBand.  Things are developing into a pretty major project now, although it wasn’t intended as that from the outset.  It seems to have grown into a full 12 track CD project.  From little acorns and all that, eh ! ? !  It all  just started off with me recording a few of my own numbers, written over the course of the last couple of decades or so, as a solo CD.  Having got things under way with my recordings, those Riff Raff boys started jumping on the bandwagon. The cheek of it all.  Tut Tut !  First,  John got wind, and he came round and started to record a few of his songs he’s cobbled together over the last four decades.  When I say John got wind, I don’t mean flatulence, but that he got to hear about it – just thought I’d clear up that rumour ).  Anyway, before you could say Liberace, Ian jumped two footed onto the bandwagon clutching his keyboards and I’ve ended up recording a load of musical gems which have emanated from his pen down the years too.  So, what started off as a solo project,  seems to be quickly turning into a Riff Raff CD, without a cover version in sight and not quite as pre-planned. But, it’s turning out to be an enjoyable project to work on and it’s all good stuff !  As the recording and editing is being done round at my place, which resembles a recording studio much of the time, it’s now been nicknamed  ‘Shabby Road’. That may not be original, but who cares !

Anyway, today’s a day off from all this recording and editing stuff. There are more important things to turn my attention to. If QPR beat Cardiff City in today’s tough table-topping encounter in the lunchtime kick-off, promotion will be assured and I’ll have to find some way to celebrate. With the weather as it is as well, it could be a good day. Fingers crossed !

BFN,    Rob.

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