It’s been a long time since the Russian Caravan

It’s been a long time since we rock’n’rolled !

Riff Raff

Last night saw Riff Raff back together in covers band mode for the first time for some months, taking a break from the recording sessions at ‘Shabby Road’. John played host to the practice session, in which we went through some new numbers and refreshed our memories on songs now well established in the Riff Raff set.

All this was sparked by the prospect of two forthcoming gigs ; one at the end of May and one in August.  Sadly, in the space of the last two days, both gigs have fallen by the wayside. Still, at least the annual ‘Robfest’ extravaganza is still a goer.

Anyway, back to last night, the Russian Caravan was flowing too. “What’s Russian Caravan ?”  you may ask.  It’s not the name of a new song we’re doing. It’s not the name of the CD that some of the Riff Raff boys have been recording in the ‘Shabby Road’ sessions … It’s tea.  Russian Caravan has a delicate aroma, with a very palatable flavour to match, thoroughly recommended by all the Riff Raff boys, making a change from my personal favourite, PG Tips.  It’s the taste !

We’ll be rehearsing together again next week too, turning up the volume in the studio.

In the meantime, early preparations for ‘Robfest’ are now underway.

I’ll be at Jam Night on Thursday at The Middlesex Arms, so hope to see you there.

BFN,      Rob.

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