John leaves the Russian Caravan at home

John - left the tea at home !

The news today, that QPR had massively hiked up their ticket prices for next season, came as a big enough blow, but what happened last night was even more devastating.  John left the flask of Russian Caravan on the table, and left home for the studio, without it. Calamitous ! !  As you will no doubt have read in my previous item, Russian Caravan is John’s tea of choice for a Riff Raff rehearsal and with the intensity of such sessions, it’s pretty damn crucial. So in the absence of our ‘half-time’ refreshments which John very kindly prepares and shares with his fellow band-mates, we resorted to the in-house Tesco tea ! Not bad actually – Good enough to save John from the ultimate in rock’n’roll punishments .. forcing him to learn a Coldplay number.

Anyway leaving all that to one side, it wasn’t a bad session, especially when you consider that we hadn’t played most of the songs for many a blue moon ( I think that’s a song too, as it happens – not one that we play though – luckily ! )

So, with no gigs on the horizon ( except for the much awaited annual ‘Robfest’, of course ),  it looks like I may soon have a load of Riff Raff coming round, barging into ‘Shabby Road’ to continue the recording of the ‘own stuff’ CD.

Oh well, at least they’ll all  be guaranteed copious cups of PG … It is indeed the taste ! !

BFN,   Rob.


  1. Apologies for the glitch on the catering front, chaps! Fortunately (owing to the efficiency of my flask) the RC was in good nick when I got back from the rehearsal, so I was able to enjoy a cuppa before bed whilst thinking of those less fortunate. In fact, the said tea of teas was still hot next morning, so another cuppa sent me off in a good humour for the day’s work ahead. Every cloud… etc.

    1. So it was all there waiting for when you’d got yourself nicely tucked up in beddie-bies … how cozy. The blaggard ended up drinking the whole lot himself ! … Outrageous ! ! !

  2. As yet (7 days and counting) I’ve suffered no ill effects from imbibing Tesco’s finest out of the studio’s less-than-finest china. Still, it hit the spot, even if it didn’t have the fine, lingering aftertaste of the Russian brew.
    Glad to see that SOMEONE enjoyed some caravan. Bah!

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