Jam Night – Christmas Break

Hello everyone.

Another great Jam Night last night.

Christmas Greetings

I’d just like to confirm that the Thursday Jam Nights at The Middlesex Arms will be taking a Christmas break.  The last Jam Night of 2011 will be on 8th December  and will start again on 5th January 2012.  This means you can give your ears a well earned rest for Christmas !  So make sure you up-date your diaries, paper, computer or otherwise !

And while we’re on the subject of the up and coming festive season – Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from Me, Gavin, Lenny and Mac.

Back to last night, Riff Raff Derek ( aka Bongo Star ) was spotted in the heaving crowd, enjoying yet another  ‘Marvellous’ Jam Night. This follows a couple of recent sightings of Riff Raff John ( Johnny Unkempt ) at previous Jam Nights.  It all goes to show how much Jam Night is starting to attract a lot of Riff Raff these days.

Any way, don’t forget the crucial dates shown above and we’ll see you all again next week for a bumper Christmas Jam Night … well, as near to a Christmas Jam Night as we’re likely to get ! !

And Finally :   Gavin’s band,  ‘The Power Of Soul’  will be playing at The Angler’s Retreat in Staines tonight – See you there !

Cheers,   BFN,   Rob.

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