Riff Raff – It’s All Go !

Hello all you Riff Raff fans out there.

Riff Raff were back in the rehearsal studio last night. This was the first time they’d been in covers band mode for some while as their recent energies have been directed towards the recording of their new CD, entitled ‘Hands On’.  They cracked on through a large selection of their live set, racking their brains, trying to

Riff Raff - relaxing in Tilbury, 2006

remember how to play each number.  Apart from a few moments of rustiness, most of the rehearsal actually went pretty well.  The highlight of the evening was when John broke out the flask of Russian Caravan ( that’s a variety of tea, for the uninitiated ) !   Not content with that, John, obviously getting into Santa mode, reached into his bag and produced a box of mince pies too !  The ambassador was well and truly spoiling us !

As for the new album, well it’s due out sometime in 2012 ( hopefully sooner rather than later ), as you may already have read elsewhere on this wonderful RKmusic website.

So ( apart from having no gigs ),  it’s all go on the Riff Raff front !

… And for all you Jam Night fans out there – don’t forget,  Jam Night is now on its Christmas break – click on Jam Nights for details.

BFN,   Rob.

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