Festivities Whiz By !

Hi folks !  Well, Christmas and the New Year are now all over for the best part of another twelve months and didn’t they just whiz by ? !

So what’s been happening lately, apart from the festivities ?

" Come On You R's ! "

Well, Jam Night is back on again as from last Thursday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there as I’ve just had another knee operation. Looks like I’ll be out of action for a couple of weeks or so but I’ll be back at Jam Night before you can say ‘bum note’ !

The Riff Raff CD, ‘Hands On’ is nearly all recorded. Just a few bits left to sort out.  It shouldn’t be too many weeks now, before it can all be mixed and mastered. Watch this space !

Other than that, I’ve been following the fortunes of QPR. Regrettably, they parted company with manager Neil Warnock but now have a more than able new manager in Mark Hughes, so hopefully, looking to the future, there are good things ahead. It’s a shame about our current not-so-coveted place in the bottom three of the Premier League. And they lost 0 – 1 at Newcastle today !    I’m confident our results will improve soon though.                                 …   “Come On You R’s” !           Oh well, time to go and rest my knee again.             BFN,  Rob.

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  1. Rob,
    Thanks for wandering man recording – I like!
    I have been trying to email you but seem to have lost you address! Drop me a line and I reply properly.

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