Shock, Horror … No Russian Caravan !

John -Drinking all the Russian Caravan himself

Shock … Horror ! ! !   John didn’t bring the Russian Caravan !   Having arrived at the rehearsal studios on Tuesday night, to practice for the forthcoming Riff Raff gig at The George, it quickly became apparent that Johnny Unkempt hadn’t brought any Russian Caravan with him. Instead, his flask was full of sub-standard economy tat !  The whole rehearsal was thrown into chaos with this most serious of over-sights. But the session didn’t go too badly,  so I suppose we can let him off … just about.  When I think how I’ve pandered to his Russian Caravan addiction in my role as Director of ‘Shabby Road Studios’ and gladly poured him cup after cup after cup of the stuff !   And what’s more, he’s coming over to ‘Shabby’ tomorrow to sort out some of his guitar sounds. I bet I don’t have any tea left by the time he’s finished !

Anyway, I’m off to Jam Night this evening,  so I hope to see some of you there.

BFN,   Rob.


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