Russian Caravan Re-Stocked !

Hello everyone !

Welcome back to RKmusic after a busy few weeks just recently.  Since I last wrote, a lot’s been happening both on the music front and on the non-musical side of things.  Where to start ! ?  Howzabout starting today and working back !

Russian Caravan - Brewed by Camels in China ?

Well this morning saw me and Rosie in Kingston.  Somehow we found ourselves in Whittard’s, emerging with a fresh supply of Russian Caravan ( tea, in case you hadn’t realised ! ).   We have now re-stocked, following recent visits by those Riff Raff boys, who keep coming round and drinking it all !  We should be OK now for a little while at least.

We spent a few days in Worcester last week, staying at quite a nice B&B with a bit of an eccentric landlady who had a hint of Basil Faulty about her. It was a very enjoyable few days none-the-less, also taking in Monmouth, Gloucester, Cirencester and Malvern amongst other places.

On the cricket front, I recently did an umpire’s course.  This was followed by an exam which, I’m pleased to say, I passed !  So I’m now a qualified umpire. Hopefully, I can develop my talents in this direction as time goes by.  I hope to be taking to the field to play as well this season. Having attended the winter net practices, I have been trying to modify my bowling in such a way as to minimise the pressure on my knees. We’ll see what success I’ve had with this strategy when the games start.  The operation I had on my left knee in January went well, but dodgy knees are dodgy knees !  Hopefully they’ll hold out for a bit longer !  An update of my recent cricket exploits will soon appear on the Cricket page.

So, pop-pickers, on to my musical exploits. Thursday Jam Nights have been slightly down on numbers over the last couple of weeks, but are still going well.  There’s a new Jam Night starting at Kings Arms in Hanwell every Tuesday Night from 9.00 to 11.30.  The first one will be on 3rd April and will be on every Tuesday. Hopefully, it will take off fairly quickly. Unfortunately, I’ll miss the first three weeks due to Riff Raff rehearsals. And there’s quite a bit going on with Riff Raff at the moment. There’s the forthcoming gig at The George in Kingsbury on 21st April, hence the practice sessions and “what about the CD”, I hear you cry !  Well the CD, entitled ‘Hands On’, has now been recorded and mixed !  It’s now at the mastering stage so we’re getting perilously near to establishing a release date … details to follow very soon !

So, having divulged my recent highlights, it’s time to raid the Russian Caravan … before I have those awful Riff Raff boys banging on the door trying to get at it.       BFN,   Rob.

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  1. We had to hastily fetch in the washing on Saturday morning after the foul stench of burning wafted across the garden and assaulted our nostrils. At the time, we assumed that a bonfire was resoponsible, but we now know that it was you, Rob, burning old camel dung. Boy, how that smell travels!

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