Riff Raff In New Gig Shock

'Riff Raff' - live gig shock !

It was confirmed this week that the Riff Raff boys will be back in live action soon.  Following months in the studio, recording their new CD, ‘Hands On’, a gig has landed in their laps like a bolt out of the blue.  Riff Raff , who haven’t played live for some considerable time, have secured a live performance at ‘The George’ in Kingsbury on 21st April. ( See the Gigs page for more details. ) This gives the band some time to sharpen up their live set of covers in preparation. In the meantime work continues on the CD and a limited special edition DVD.  It is hoped the CD will be released in time for the gig so that all the multitudenous gathering of fans will be able to buy copies of the album on the night.  Watch this space ( and the Riff Raff page ) for future ‘Riff Raff’ developments.

On the Jam Night front, last night’s extravaganza was amazingly well attended considering the weather situation. The snow came down all evening, although driving in it wasn’t too bad, as I found to my relief as I made my way back home. A big thank you for Kieran for carrying my amp to the car last night !

Well that’s about it for now.  Back to the mixing desk for me !     BFN,    Rob.


  1. OMG! Riff Raff live? I can’t believe it. When do the tickets go on sale/how much/who/when/where/why/what am I on about; oh, the excitement’s too much, I’m going to go and have a lie down. Nurse!?

  2. Dear Mr. Bog Fingers.

    Don’t get too excited – you’re not going to see the gig because you’re one of the poor sods standing there playing !

    And on the subject of the nurse you’ve requested … Dirty Boy !

    BFN, Jools R.

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