Snowy Tunbridge Wells

Hello everyone.

Jam Nights are still going strong on Thursdays. Last night’s attendance was a little bit down on the usual numbers but last week it was positively heaving !  You just can’t tell can you ! ? !

Snowy Tunbridge Wells !

Anyway, last Monday, Rosie and I ventured down to the Garden of England for a couple of days away. Tunbridge Wells was our precise destination. However, Mr. Sod turned up ( as in ‘ law of ‘ ) in the guise of snow storms !  With snow all Monday afternoon and night, and into the morning as well, we beat a hasty retreat for home to avoid getting snowed in !  I suppose if there’s any moral to this story it’s this : ‘Go to Tunbridge Wells in the Summer ! ! ‘ …which is exactly what we intend to do !  Oh well, at least we had quite a nice evening at the hotel !

BFN,  Rob.

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