Tunbridge Wells Re-Visited !

Hello everyone.

The old Waddington’s Subbuteo HQ ( now a Hotel )

Having made a hasty retreat from the snow on our last visit a few weeks ago, Rosie and I re-visited Tunbridge Wells this week.  Although the weather wasn’t what you’d ideally expect from mid-May, at least this time it wasn’t chucking it down with rain … or snow !

We also visited the surrounding villages of Langton Green, Penshurst, Paddock Wood and Chiddingstone Causeway, all of which have a Subbuteo connection. We finished off with a coffee in Edenbridge Costas before making the journey home.

So, a really nice couple of days away. The lady in Tourist Information was very nice and helped us find our accommodation, a really nice B&B just on the West edge of Tunbridge Wells.  So, if you’re looking for scenic countryside and quaint villages, you could do a lot worse than visit the Tunbridge Wells area.

BFN,   Rob.

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