Hello to all you Jam Night fans !

Jam Night at The Middlesex Arms has proved to be very popular over the years. However, in recent weeks we have seen numbers dwindling fairly dramatically. Due to these decreasing numbers, the Jam Night is now under threat. So, we want to see more and more musos ( yes that means you ) joining in, so that the Jam Night is preserved for everyone to carry on performing their favourite music every week.

Jam Night

Don’t forget, the drums, amps, mics etc. are all there waiting for you to use.  So you don’t need to lug any gear about   – y’see, there’s just no excuse whatsoever for not dropping in – is there ?

So don’t forget, it’s on every Thursday 9.15 till 11.30 !  So grab your guitar, bass, vocal chords or whatever, come down and get up and jam !  … All musicians are welcome … any standard … any style  – Not suitable for children – way past their bed-time ( and mine, come to that ) ! !

The Middlesex Arms does a wide range of drinks and good food too – all at competitive prices !  And there’s no charge for the Jam Night either –  Free entry.   So what are you waiting for ?  Just grab your favourite axe and come and join in the fun … bring your friends … every Thursday at The Middlesex Arms.  ” Marvellous !

… In the meantime, why not remind yourself of the great music and great fun you can have at Jam Night … have a look at the video footage and photos – Just click on Photos & Videos above !

Remember … this is your Jam Night so come and support it.  As the old saying goes,  ” use it or lose it ! ” 

See you soon.   Cheers,  Rob.

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