Big Comeback From IOW

Rob prepares for his big comeback !

Rob prepares for his big comeback !

Hello everyone.

Well, having recovered from the late drama at Wembley, which saw QPR return to the Premier League, I watched, like many people, the anticipated early exit of the England team at the World Cup. One day we’ll have a team that can win it again, by which time none of us will be around to witness and enjoy the moment.

Anyway, moving on from that somewhat depressing thought, Rosie and I enjoyed our recent holiday in the Isle Of Wight. The weather was pretty good on the whole and we got round to most parts of the island. We spent Friday evening at King Harry’s Bar in Shanklin enjoying ‘The Hillmans”, playing rock’n’roll covers. Very enjoyable !

Having returned from holiday, I played cricket on Sunday.  This was my first match since my knee surgery last October, and what an eventful comeback it was !  I opened the bowling, with a pain-free left knee and feeling quite good considering the lay off and the surgery !  But it didn’t last long as a niggly groin strain forced me to come off after just 3 overs. Still at least I finished the day with a wicket for just three runs to go top of the club bowling averages. Perhaps injuries do have their compensations after all !  Luckily, the injury isn’t too serious, so I should be back to have another comeback game very soon.

Back on the music front, I recorded with Ian on Monday. He came round to ‘Shabby Road’ to work on his tracks for the new CD.  Still lots to do, but we’re getting there.

Jam Night on Thursday was fairly well attended. Good to get back to playing live again after my week in the IOW !

Oh well, that’s about it for now. ‘Robfest’ is on the horizon, so I’ll be back soon with an up-date of that and a load of other stuff !

BFN,  Rob.

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